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    The break the brick ball games have been very popular on pc for many years , the children, teen and adults all were crazy to play these games. Its real fun with endless and unlimited charm, brilliantly designed levels, real 3D graphics, Beautiful funny bricks, lovely sounds affects. There are power ups to collect after breaking the bricks, boosters to enhance the power , size and control of ball pad.

    Paddle control need to be outstanding in any break the brick game, so her you are being advice to improve your action skills of paddle control on break the brick ball fun game. Its an mind storming but, entertainment arcade game. Kids loving and full of fun game ever on Google play. This game is released with the vision of challenging competitors like glu mobile and game loft , in quality and attraction of art work. The power up making the game on top in arcade top games category. Crush the bricks like candy, shoot the paddle like jet in air. Lets win award for this game

    Brick ball is a fantastic classical game, it keeps the user to focus on game play during brick game. Familiar to play, but hard to master, Break Bricks to get into fresh challenges and unanticipated obstacles to breakout hunter age players around the world. In this entrancing game of skill and spatial awareness, it is your job to destroy all the bricks. By using the walls and the paddle below, try your best to ricochet the ball against the bricks and knock down them to extinction. There are multiple levels, with multiple interesting design of background, you can control the bricks and ball, the environment and sounds are the expression of art work of an artist. The game is for kids, children and adults, so play without any hesitation for yourself, your kids and your friends as a social game play.

    1. Briliantly designed art work
    2. 2D / 3D eye catching graphics
    3. Arcade mode, endless levels
    4. Multiple levels with challenges
    5. Art & Fun keep engaged in the game play
    6. Real and self created sounds and music
    7. Brick ball game challenge
    8. Endless kids game ever
    9. Rapid paddle movement to break bricks
    10. Intuitive touch controls with realistic physics

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