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    Ambulance call at the hospital: doctor needed!
    It’s a busy day in the big city, cars and other vehicles are passing by. People are walking through the traffic without noticing the traffic lights enough. Every vehicle is driving fast because most people are in a rush. Very chaotic crossings. You better watch out before someone else need to rescue you, take care of calling 911 and a doctor for you. You’re ending up as an emergency patient in the ambulance on your way through the traffic, racing to the hospital.

    But yeah, you’re in a hurry too. You want to make it to the open house of the police and firefighter department in time, and you’re already a bit behind schedule. You start running instead of walking, passing cars and others and ignoring most lights in your rush. BAM! Too late. This ain’t a simulator, this is real! You’re injured, you won’t make it to the police and fire department. You have blood on your leg, blood on your shirt. People around are saying that you will need a good ambulance driver and a doctor! You need to go to the hospital!

    Emergency rush
    Start the driving simulator to train your skills in driving and parking the ambulance through the big city traffic. Bring the patient to the doctor in the hospital. Take care of the vehicle and the patient, avoid too much blood and rescue him before it’s too late. Go as fast as possible with your 3D vehicle. Racing along cars will make you go faster, but racing is also more dangerous. You need to be a good driver, one of the best traffic racers because you don’t want any police car chasing you. Rescue every single one and finish your job well by parking the car in the right place, bring them to the hospital in time. The time is not on your side, it’s ticking away. Hurry! You’re in a rush!

    Main features of Emergency Rush:
    + Different challenges to complete
    + Limited time: race against the clock
    + How to: Driving an ambulance
    + Beautiful 3D graphics
    + Realistic graphics
    + On-screen steering wheel + acceleration and brake pedals

    There are many challenges to complete, all of them with limited time. Do your best in the race against the clock. Learn driving an ambulance in this beautiful 3D city with the best experience. Maneuver the emergency vehicle with the on-screen steering wheel and acceleration and brake pedals. Bring the people in time to the doctor in the hospital and rescue every patient that you can. Parking the vehicle was never that challenging before! Become the best in town, even the best in the country or the world!

    We hope you will enjoy this new android Emergency Rush: Patient Driver simulator game for free.

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