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    "English typing practice - Acid rain" is a typing practice game.

    The concept is like this.
    A word moving from top to bottom is a drop of acid rain.
    You have to type the word so that a drop of acid rain cannot reach to the tower.
    If acid rain hits the tower or the bottom, which is sea, the tower will be rusted.
    How much the tower rusted is represented by the heart gauge at the left top corner.

    As the level goes up, the acid rain dropping speed will be increased.
    Therefore, you need to type faster and faster.

    There are several "Virus" words : Clear Virus, Freezing Virus, Mine Virus, Slow Virus, Fast VIrus, Cluster Virus, Recover Virus, and Hide Virus.
    Some viruses are good and rest are bad.

    For example, Clear Virus is very useful when there are lots of acid rain words you couldn't eliminated. It removes all acid rain words while increasing score.

    On the other hands, Cluster Virus is terrible one which brings many other acid rain drop "friends".

    Actually, this typing game is motivated by the very popular typing game named "Hanmetaja", which is most famous typing game in Korea when 286, 386, 486 PCs are prevalent. So you can feel that the design and sound are somewhat old-fashioned. : -)

    You can select the starting level when you launch the app.
    You can also put your name on the ranking list if you hit the high score.

    It's good to bet the beverages with friends or colleagues. : )

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