Engross - A puzzle




    A simple game which pushes your mind to high level of concentration and attentiveness.
    A game to test and improve your mind at it's 3 strength parameters:

    1. Concentration:
    Play a game of alphabets and numbers and test your concentration.
    The game uses different aspects of your play like your accuracy, swiftness, response times etc to
    show you your concentration level. To cross each level you will be pushed to higher levels of
    2. Attentiveness:
    Play a game of colors and words and test your attentiveness.
    Theory suggests that color recognition requires more attention, as opposed to reading a word.
    In a condition where there is a conflict regarding words and their colors and if the task is to report the color, the word information arrives at the decision-making stage before the color information which presents processing confusion. This then requires more attention to be able to report the color.
    This game uses this effect to push your brains to higher level of attentiveness.
    3. Recognition:
    Play a game of Squares and Circles to test your brains recognition abilities.
    Theory suggests , our brain requires 400 milli seconds to recognize an image. Based on the quickness of your
    brain to recognize images you can perform in the game.

    You have to remember very simple rules.

    Swipe right for each correct statement and left for wrong statements .
    You are helped with two constantly reducing indicators on the right .
    Blue is your life and Green for the time.
    Quicker you are in your responses, slower your life goes down.
    That is what you have to do, stay alive until Time Out!

    You will notified with a graph of your mind's abilities to keep you motivated.

    Get Engrossed!

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