Epic 80s Word Search




    Dude! It's like the most rad word search, like ever! With over 1,600 words in a massive 120x120 grid, it's totally awesome to the max!

    Use two fingers to scroll around the huge grid, then drag with one finger to highlight a word. Zoom out at any time to see a summary of your progress.

    The puzzle is arranged as 16 giant, themed sections, each containing 80-100 retro words.

    To solve the entire thing, you'll need to step back in time and relive some of the biggest events of the eighties. Remember where you were when you saw the Space Shuttle blast off or the Berlin Wall fall; Take a trip down memory lane with the toys you used to play with, the music you used to dance to and some classic 80s TV and movies.

    Epic 80s Word Search was compiled from user submissions in Word Search Party, also by Lightwood Games. Like our record-besting game Word Search 10K, the biggest word search ever made, it has been hand-crafted to form one large, continuous puzzle with words in every direction.

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    Thanks, and PARTY ON!

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