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    Epic Paint Adventure brings a brand new exciting twist to the match three puzzle game genre. Do you have what it takes to help famous artists paint their next masterpiece? These famous artists need a selected amount of colors to complete their painting. Epic Paint Adventure takes you on a quest with them to help gather the paint colors they need to create beautiful art.

    Your goal is to connect colors together in groups of four paint dots with a set amount of moves for each level. Take your time and think carefully before moving these paint dots, every move you make adds additional paint dots to the playing field. If the field gets too full of paint dots you will get "stacked up" and run out of possible moves.

    Da Vinci needs brown paint!

    Picasso needs yellow and red paint!

    Monet needs Cobalt Chromite Gr--you get the idea!

    Embark on a colorful and fun-filled adventure quest of color matching and puzzle solving with Epic Paint Adventure! This isn’t your typical jewel matching, bubble bobble puzzle game. There is a lot of strategy behind each move. Think ahead and make sure you account for colors that will pop up next. Don’t blitz through recklessly. There isn’t a time limit for a reason.

    Course through 72 challenging levels and travel through different parts of the globe to unlock all the famous artists from Leonardo Da Vinci to Fernando Amorsolo in this puzzle rpg. Play as each famous artist and learn fun facts about their artwork.

    Key Features:

    - Complete a puzzle to learn fun facts about each artist.
    - 72 challenging levels to solve in this fun puzzle RPG.
    - 14 locations and famous artists to unlock
    - 14 paintings to complete, help these artists hone their craft.
    - Don’t blitz your way through! Play at your own pace, no annoying time limits!
    - Fun and quirky cartoon graphics!
    - Guaranteed fun for the entire family!

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