Fall Down




    Do you like games where you collect things? Fall Down is funny and entertaining

    one! Gamers are going to love it so much! Main feature of the game is that there

    is no rush, no fight. Just sit, play and relax.

    There is a sheep to collect fruits. The more sheep collects the higher results.

    Sheep should avoid falling down. Otherwise game ends.

    There are oranges, kiwis and apples. Each of fruit brings particular number of

    bonus. If sheep cannot catch a fruit it falls down. Gamer is given lives so it is

    superb opportunity to start over again. At the beginning gamer can see a blue-
    sky background with a green Start button, a huge orange and sheep. When

    gamer starts Fall Down there is a blue background and fruits located in vertical


    Funny sheep will entertain you exactly! You will like bright colors of fruits,

    background as well as grass. Amazing gameplay carries you into world of fun and


    Fall Down is:

    - Wonderful gameplay;

    - Feature menu;

    - Bright colors;

    - Colorful interface;

    - 3 lives;

    - Good bonuses;

    - Fast to install.

    Fall Down is going to impress gamers with its graphics as beautiful as gorgeous.

    It will be probably the best game they have ever seen with such a great graphics

    and effects.

    Just try to avid falling down, collect as more fruits as you can and earn bonuses.

    When task is completed gamer see message showing bonuses and Start again

    button. Also on each menu: start, end, etc., gamer can see beautiful decorations

    as fruits reflections.

    Show this game to your children, they will love Fall Down for sure! Especially

    they will find sheep so entertaining! They will ask you to play it once more.

    Adults and children can play Fall Down. There is no age limitation. All you need is

    a mobile device; wish to enjoy time and installation!

    So why are you wasting time? Just download this application with its great

    features and bonuses! Good luck!

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