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    Published: 2017-08-21, by .

    An instructive math game that covers the four basic math operations

    • Useful for kids to learn maths
    • Lots of characters
    • Detailed results
    • At the beginning, it can be boring for adults

    "Learning maths has never been that funny!"


    Math Fantasia is an instructive math game that covers the four basic math operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The target of the game includes, from children in the lower elementary school grades to adults who want train their brain and mental calculation skills.

    This game has 4 stages, that represent the 4 basic math operations: Plus Forest, Minus Desert, Times Graveyard and Division Sea. You can choose from 1 to 3 characters to play, among the huge amount of different characters available. However, you will have to unlock them little by little because, when you start, just 2 characters will be unlocked.

    During the game, your characters will face several evil creatures, which you will have to defeat by answering right the calculations.

    If you want to check your progression, in “Achievements” you will find your results detailed and separated by the 4 different operations.


    Math Fantasia is a great game to learn maths or train your mental calculation skills. Kids will love the characters and that will spoil them to play. Additionally, the game has some ads, and if you watch them you will earn game coins. However, you can also delete the ads if you want, and that's great!


    Although it gets more difficult little by little, at the beginning can be boring for an adult.

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    by Miquel

    Aug 21, 2017


    Fun math training with an authentic quiz RPG!

    This app covers all four basic math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).
    The target ages are children in the lower elementary school grades, all the way up to adults.
    Whether you struggle with math, or excel at it, we recommend this fun app for anyone who loves that feeling of training their brain.

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