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    Fast Car Racing & Furious City

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    Car racing is now redefined! Drive your car through city with great car driving experience.
    Get ready for real racing game with different challenging game modes and many AI car racer.
    Game has smooth 3D graphics for real car driving experience with addictive gameplay modes.
    Race across the city streets! Enjoy every minute of car racing play!!

    Fast Car Racing & Furious City is 3D racing game in city with traffic of AI car racer.
    Drive on the city race track, overtake AI car driver & be one of the fastest car driver.
    Race against the opponents and beat them in time.

    You can race the opponents to be the first but the true fun is become faster and faster
    to beat your own track records. If you are a good racing car driver, race against better
    AI opponents and try to beat them! Thrill of driving race car is awesome, Tell your buddies about it!

    Check out some real car driving! Tired of cars parking, buses parking, trucks parking and driving
    all kinds of vehicles? Get back to true car race driving! Enjoy adventure of city car racing!

    - Smooth & polished 3D graphics
    - Realistic physics simulation for car handling on mobile devices
    - Realistic simulation of all aspect (engine, drivetrain, tires, etc) of the car
    - 2 mile race track, with best city road curves to improve your car drifting and car driving skills
    - Complete racing track with city environments for better car racing experience
    - 5 car racing modes: Sprint, Circuit, Time Trial, Knockout & Speed Trap

    - Default auto acceleration
    - Use accelerometer to steer or turn car left or right
    - Touch brake button to slow down or reverse
    - Touch camera button to change car viewing angle
    - Touch reset car button, to reset car position during accident
    - Touch mirror button to view AI car position behind

    WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT….3D Car Racing Master - Extreme City Car Driving?

    With Skill, Behavior, and dynamically changing Stress level designed for AI car racer,
    they will act, overtake or brake just as a human player would.

    AI car driver is created for a competitive experience with AI and human car driver.
    With performance optimized sensors and many AI tweaking, as a master car driver,
    you will have to intelligently out think the AI car driver to beat them.

    A: SPRINT RACE (long distance point to point car races)
    This type races doesn't contains any lap information.

    B: Circuit RACE (lap based run)
    Circuit races are lap based races.

    C: TIME TRIAL RACE(checkpoint based run)
    Similar to Sprint races but additionally, you have to reach finish time in some given time.

    Race track is divided with few checkpoints and also give small amount of time for each
    checkpoint. If car driver reaches this checkpoint give additional time to reach next one.
    If player cant reach any of this checkpoints, race will fail.

    D: KNOCK OUT RACE (last car driver is kicked out)
    Enjoy knocking out other car racers off the road.

    This means, if 4 car racer racing on race track, when 3rd car racer pass the finish line,
    4th car racer will be kicked out. continues until only one car racer left or if player
    kicked out from race.

    E: SPEED TRAP RACE ( Fastest player wins the game)
    Speedtrap is a speed car race. Fastest car racer will win the race.

    - DRIVE FASTER to get highest rank among AI car racer
    - USE BRAKE to slow down cars and avoid crash during race.
    Remember, this is a city racing with tight turns.
    - USE MIRROR while car driving to know AI car driver's position

    Fast Car Racing & Furious City will be updated constantly.
    Your feedback has been incredibly helpful.

    If you like this game then please rate us with 5 stars with valuable review on play store.
    If you are not satisfied then send us feedback email. We will take care of that in next update!

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