First Grade Math - Full

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    “Test A Day” is dedicated to providing innovative and exciting ways for children, to learn their Math Skills easily and effectively. Test A Day combines sound learning principles along with proprietary technology to offer a rich resource of interactive practice tests for school students.


    Engaging, self –paced practice, that feels like play
    Provides unlimited questions in hundreds of skills
    Unmatched variety of problem types-fill in the blank, single multiple choice, multi multiple choice, match the following
    Adapts automatically to fit each student’s skill level
    Gives immediate feedback and question-specific explanations &dynamic reporting suite
    Uses vibrant & fun images to make Math’s practice exciting!
    Aligned to Common Core
    You can unlock full access with in-app purchase

    Our curriculum is designed in such a manner that the student automatically develops patience and interest in the subjects and inherently loses the fear of giving a test. Test A Day is especially aimed at students who are Interested in the subject of Math. By giving a deeper understanding of the math subject, we aim to remove the “math fear-factor” that is so commonly found in school students. All the content is aligned to common core standards. This app covers following topics:

    1. Number - Number line up to 100, place value up to 100, writing number names up to 100
    2. Counting - Counting with objects & images up to 50, Estimation to nearest 10
    3. Addition - Addition using pictures, Ways to make a number, Add single digit, Add double digit, Add 0, Add10, Add double
    3. Addition Skill builders - Add 0, Add 1, Add 2, Add 3, Add 4, Add 5, Add 6, Add 7, Add 8, Add 9

    4. Subtraction – Subtraction using pictures, Ways to make a number, Subtract single digit, Subtract using place values double digit, Subtract 0,Subtract 10,Subtract double, Subtract all
    5. Subtraction Skill builders - Subtract 0, Subtract 1, Subtract 2, Subtract 3, Subtract 4, Subtract 5, Subtract 6, Subtract 7, Subtract 8, Subtract 9
    6. Comparing & ordering - Comparing numbers up to 100, Arrange numbers in order up to 50
    7.Space & Spatial Ability - Identify left, middle and right, Identify above, below, top, middle, and bottom, Inside or outside, Rolling or sliding, Identify the object in a 3X3 Grid.
    8. shapes (Geometry) - Identify the shapes, Write the name of the shape, Identify the color of the shape.
    9. Measurement - Long or short, Thick or thin, Which holds more, Customary units of measurement.
    10. Time-Identify A.M or P.M, Choose the appropriate time units, Months & days of week
    11. Fractions-Simple fractions, Equal and unequal parts.
    12. Data handling & classification - Classification of objects, Pick out the odd object, Record data by using bar graphs