Fish Predator 2048




    Look! There is a New 2048 puzzle! Join this fish frenzy game to become the Predator among Fish Predators! Prove your brain power with one of the best addicting games - 2048!

    Solving these fish puzzles you’ll become true Fish Master!

    How to play Predator 2048:
    - Swipe to move the fishes left, right, up or down
    - When the tiles with the same fish touch they merge into one new predator hunter fish
    - When the ultimate fish is created these fishing games are over

    Features Predator 2048:
    • Compete with your Facebook friends for the title of the Predator 2048
    • This fish pro game is translated in over 20 languages
    • Turn on or off the sounds of funny fish while playing

    Puzzle games 2048 are cool games, especially if you add some fishing to it. Get Predator free games now!
    Ready for the latest brain games? In this version of 2048 plus there is a lot of fish with attitude from the fish world! Prepare to meet some cool predators. It’s time for predator evolution!

    Your task is to swipe in order to move the tiles with fish predator. When two tiles with the same fish touch, they merge into a new fish hunter. When you create the ultimate predator fish you win. Fishing games have never been this fun!
    In these fish mania fun games you will have to use logic and reasoning. Fish making begins when fish eat their predator prey. Predator pick is always the smaller fish. There will be a lot of puzzle sliding so you can complete this predator game. This new fish quest is extremely addicting among 2048 puzzle games. So download this fish live app now and become a fish pro with Predator 2048 plus where fish eat fish!

    Logic games have always been the best games but also addicting games! In this logic puzzles with predator fishing you will have to memorize you fishing diary and be prepared for the predator hunt. Predator Fish 2048 is giving you a chance to become a predator hunting pro in this fish eat game.

    Fun for mobile is here and it has come in the form of predator the game 2048. Get one of the best addictive games there is and play this predator free game in which the biggest fish rules. If you like playing fish games, or you are a fan of 2048 game then this Fish saga is just right for you!

    Predator 2048 will test your mathematical skills and ability to problem solve, despite its simple design. Your ultimate impossible goal is to continually think about how to add pairs in order to clear more space on the board.


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