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    Published: 2014-05-21, by Ana Gracia.

    A simple casual game where you only need to tap

    • Can be fun for children
    • Too basic
    • Repetitive

    "Tap It All"

    Floppy Tap is a simplistic arcade game where your only goal is to collect everything that flies around the screen.

    Breath in, concentrate and let your fingers work quickly so they can burst all the items appearing on the screen, keeping in mind that the speed will quickly change and that you will soon find everything much more complicated.

    The game will finish whenever you let an item escape... you'll need to start all over again.

    Ravgam Studios is the developer of Floppy Tap, a very basic casual game with poor graphics and a gameplay which hasn't caused a great impression on us. Can be fun, but soon gets repetitive.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    May 21, 2014


    The most difficult arcade game for android is here! And it has just one objective: tap! All you have to do is tap to catch everything that
    appears on the screen. But is it that simple?

    Floppy Tap is a very challenging arcade game consisting of multiple rounds in which different objects(balloons, birds) have to be destroyed.
    Each object acts differently, moves at a different speed and might require multiple taps to be destroyed. As you advance in rounds, the objects
    are getting faster and it becomes harder to catch all of them.

    * The Challenging part of the game is that you must not let any object escape otherwise you lose and you have to start over. The objects are moving
    very fast and as you progress in the game their speed increases, they spawn number increases and it becomes harder to catch them.
    Letting an object escape makes you lose one live. Lives can be acquired through powerups but be careful as you start with 0 lives.

    * Powerups: Everytime you 'catch' an object, a powerup can drop from it. Powerups can be very helpful as they can temporarily slowdown the object, decrease their speed,
    destroy all objects onscreen or give extra lives.

    * Achievements: If the game wasn't challenging enough we've added a list of achievements. Completing the list will reveal a cool surprise, but don't get too excited as the list can
    be completed only by the best players.

    Also, if the you haven't figured out from the name, there's a special guest in the game also playing the role of an 'object to be catched'.

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