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    Published: 2014-04-29, by .

    If you're going to play a Flappy Bird-like game, make it this one about rockets, caves, and rockworms

    • Surprisingly excellent cartoony graphics
    • Impossible and addictive
    • Top-notch sense of self-aware humor
    • You will explode, again and again and again

    "Can you survive enough to get devoured by a Rockworm?"

    Flappy Bird sucks. There, I said it. Flop Rocket does absolutely everything it needed to do in order not to suck, and yet still fits squarely into the FB-like genre. Massive kudos to devs Butterscotch Shenanigans for pulling it off.

    The concept is the same - pilot your guy through a sidescolling world rife with obstacles that will kill you with one touch: KABLOOEY. Unlike FB, though, controls are made one touch harder, requiring you to control the angle as well as the thrust. The sheer zoom on your spacecraft make it very nearly impossible to get past the very first rock in the infinite cave system.

    However! Graphics are fantastic! Sound is pretty good! Humor is through the roof! And if you DO manage to snag enough stray space-change, you just might be able to afford precious, precious upgrades to heighten your futile experience.

    Folks, Flop Rocket is the cream of the Flappy Bird crop.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Apr 29, 2014


    Pilot your Flop Rocket through a cave filled with stalactites, dangerous creatures, and other space-time anomalies as you try to prevent an underfunded space program from going bust. Why is your space program housed in a cave? GOOD QUESTION. Can you defy all odds and make it to space? BETTER QUESTION!

    Get loads of features for FREE!
    Become an expert with the easy-to-learn, difficult-to-master mechanics
    Attempt a new challenge on every run with randomly generated missions
    Upgrade your ship until it flies like a dream with 4 research tracks
    Bomb spaceworms, nuke spaceducks, and blast stalactites by discovering powerups
    Boost your rocket to unimaginable levels of power with pre-run powerups
    Laugh maniacally as you pass by the crash ships of your BscotchID friends

    Get even more by Buttering Up!
    Make only one purchase. Ever.
    Never see ads EVER AGAIN!
    8 more upgrade tracks: go spaceduck hunting, max out your armor slots, and MUCH MORE
    Double your coin gains: Upgrade your rocket twice as fast
    Access premium BscotchID services: Cloud saving, cross-game Perks, and friends-only leaderboards

    About the Studio
    Butterscotch Shenanigans is an independent studio composed of three brothers. We make high-quality, often goofy, and punchy games designed to provide the most entertaining experience possible, while being fair to our players and to ourselves. Stay up to date with our studio at

    We're just three people trying to get by in a competitive market, and sometimes we make mistakes. We aren't out to get you. If your game suddenly stops working, a purchase doesn't go through, all your save data is suddenly lost, or you encounter a bug, our FAQ will get you to the right place:

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