Football Sport Game: Soccer 16




    Explosive football challenges around the world – perform amazing football tricks and feel the unique atmosphere of good old football days.

    - take part in almost 100 amazing challenges,
    - visit the countries where soccer is the most popular,
    - enjoy mind-blowing visuals,
    - discover challenging career mode,
    - use 4 completely different balls from the most popular football suppliers,
    - explore completely different sets of challenges in different countries,

    This game is worth playing it and you will spend hours when you find out how easy is to play it. In this newest version of the football sports game, you will have an opportunity to be a member of the most powerful soccer teams from madrid, barcelona, munich, paris or torino. What is more, you will be able to kick the ball to the most talented football players in this mobile world. Kick the ball to their fantastic goalkeepers as well.

    You can take part in classic championships and be a member of the most powerful soccer teams. You can also choose the football player for your liking. There are plenty of famous and talented soccer players who played in many tournaments and championships like.

    You can play as a striker and score goals against real opponents. Use your imagination and do not be afraid of it! You can save your team and become the best goalkeepers in the world and your team can achieve a victory thanks to you! You can choose sixteen different countries to play in and play matches in different stadiums. This game will also allow you to travel. You can travel to the capital of Brazil, Poland or Germany and play at the most modern stadiums famous from national leagues.

    In single player challenge you can practice your skills like: penalty shootouts, kicks ball, fight with the striker and score goals. You can test your skills in championships in a tournament mode. You can shoot goals in different tournaments. You can feel real soccer, real emotions, referee’s decisions, manager’s orders, a stadium full of supporters waiting for live match with numerous of shooting goals, penalty shootouts, flicks of the ball. This is almost like real soccer!

    Become a champion of the world and score goals to the most successful football teams from the cities like madrid, dortumnd, barcelona or paris! If you have ever dreamt of being a successful football player, you should try to play this soccer sports game and become a champion! You can shoot penalty goals in live matches or just kick or flick the ball. Play the best game of 2017!

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