Frozen Mommy New Baby - Baby Care




    Pregnency mommy new birth twins need baby care helper.Play this game for free!
    Do you like babies and kids games, Are you a fan of apps for babies if that is so you will love new baby game.
    Now come and HELP! Frozen mommy needs your her help in regard of her baby care .
    She cannot manage all the things alone. She must need a care taker.
    you will have to take care of princess Elena by giving her the medication she needs, you can give her a sweet cake if she is hungry. Go to the kitchen! Make her a delicious smoothie to relieve her pain and make her can choose between strawberry, pineapple and other fruits to prepare a yummy smoothie. You have to take care of her health so she can back to her princess dutties.

    You must love the cute babies and have many sweet and soft corners for them.
    So come and show up you that how much patient and love you have for a kid.
    Best of luck for the help mummy.
    Elena is going to have a baby soon. She goes to the hospital. After a whole body examination, the doctor tells Elena that she needs a surgery immediately.


    • help pregnant Avalor Princess in her pregnancy.
    • get ready for giving birth in the hospital.
    • buy pregnancy dress, perfume and shoes for the new mommy.
    • take her in ambulance when its time to give birth.
    • manage the baby nursery and take care of babies.
    • Mommy is so hungry, make crazy snacks and feed her!
    • Design the cutest baby room - paint and decorate it the way you like!
    • Cook and make a delicious strawberry cake for a baby shower!
    • Throw the best baby shower and open baby presents!
    • Take Mommy to the doctor and check her health!
    • Elena Avalor Princess games
    • Listen to Mommy's baby bump and hear baby's heartbeat!
    • Paint on Mommy's baby bump: color a stork, a tree or draw your own picture!
    • Play beauty salon and give Mommy a relaxing facial spa treatment!
    • When the baby is here, help Mommy at home and iron tiny baby clothes!
    • Prepare baby formula and fruit puree for hungry baby girl Elena!
    • Dress up Mommy and create an amazing outlook!
    • Dress up sweet baby girl Elena and design an adorable baby outfit!
    • Babysit and learn how to change baby diapers!
    • Give newborn baby girl a bubble bath and wash her hair!
    • Help Mommy clean up the rooms and vacuum the carpets!
    • Princess Elena, Sofia the First, Princess Amber, Migs, Luna and Skylar, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, Princess Isabel, Mateo, Jaquins, Gabe, Shuriki, King Roland II
    • Play Elena Pregnant Mommy Newborn every day and collect cute trophies

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