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    Welcome to the Easter Fun!
    Download, install our puzzle game and be prepared for Easter Fun!
    Puzzle is a free fun game focus on logical and conceptual challenges for kids and teenagers, children and adults. The player must directly or indirectly manipulate pieces into a specific pattern step by step. Completing each puzzle gives the cool satisfaction of viewing the whole cute picture and will lead to a more difficult challenge, bringing a player to the next level. It's a perfect activity for people who love teasing brains and like to solve problems. It's good for any age and any difficulty level. App is absolutely free to play. Our puzzles are the best ever!
    Any completed high resolution picture can be saved as HD Wallpaper on your phone or tablet. Save it for Easter!
    It is not really difficult to figure out when Easter Sunday is celebrated. It is the first Sunday after the first full moon in spring. It means Good Friday is on April 18 in 2014 and Easter Monday is on April 21.
    Easter is the most important Christian holiday in the USA and Canada. All Christian believe that Jesus was killed on Friday and for three days his body lay in a grave, and on the third day he came back to life and showed himself to his apostles and Mary. It is this day of resurrection which is known as Easter Sunday. All churches hold special services on this day and all Christian families celebrate it.
    Families get together on Easter weekend. After Christmas and Thanksgiving the Easter weekend meal is the third largest meal nationwide. The day after the lent period ends (40 days of fasting preceding Easter ) people eat a rich breakfast, - break the fast - which consists of eggs, ham, bread and fish followed by games throughout the day.
    There are several very popular craft activities and traditions for kids and adults for this time of the year such as egg painting, Easter coloring, Easter Cake baking, egg hunting, petting zoos, egg crashing, coin throwing.
    Egg painting is very popular and easy to do. Just buy Egg paint kits in stores or dye hard boiled eggs using a jar of beet juice. To give eggs extra shine you can rub them with bacon fat. Eggs and rabbits symbolize birth and fertility in many cultures, with eggs decorated in bright colors and given away as gifts.
    Easter cake baking is also fun! Colors are used for decoration are pink, yellow, peach, orange, spring green. Play our puzzle game and you get lots of ideas to use in the kitchen with kids!
    Petting zoos are popular around Easter too. Kids get a chance to pet and feed bunnies and other animals and they like it so much!
    Easter egg hunt is the most popular game during the Easter time. Tons of chocolate is sold in the form of Easter eggs and Easter bunnies. The Easter Bunny brings a basket full of goodies, candy, Easter eggs and other gifts for boys and girls for Easter. Usually the gifts are hidden so children and teenagers have to look for them. It can take up to one hour and it’s always fun, cheer and happiness! Annual egg hunt is held even at the White House in the United States, you can see it on TV.
    Let’s bring an old traditional game back. Put a hard boiled, painted egg on the floor and throw coins at it from 10-15 feet way. If your coin hits the egg you keep a coin. Take turns one by one. You can make it more challenging. Keep a coin only if it got stuck in the egg. This game provides hours of fun and kids love to make money.
    Our puzzles are the best ever!
    Our application is:
    -suitable for everyone
    -fast loading
    -easy to install
    -brings you to the next level to get more difficult game
    -make you use your brain
    -it's absolutely FREE
    -each picture can be saved as your favorite Wallpaper. Enjoy it all day long and show your friends with facebook or twitter or send with whatsapp.
    Have FUN!

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