GALAXYTRIS Demo's review

    Published: 2014-04-01, by Ana Gracia.

    Avoid the obstacles and achieve a high score

    • Fun game
    • Challenging
    • Not original or ground-breaking

    "The Galaxy Is Dangerous"

    Welcome to GALAXYTRIS, a game of reflexes and precision where your goal is to complete every level with the maximum possible score.

    The app includes 60 stages in three difficulty levels and many achievements to complete. You will need to dodge many obstacles and collect the crystals which will give you more points. How do the controls work? Drag the dot around and avoid getting hit by the tetris obstacles or being pushed off the screen.

    Graphics are simple and gameplay is pretty simple, although it can be enjoyable for fans of retro arcades set in space.

    PocketsOfEnergy is the developer of GALAXYTRIS, a simplistic game which isn't exactly ground-breaking or particularly addictive but it can serve as a good entertainment.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Apr 01, 2014


    Test your reflex, precision and will in 60 levels divided by 3 difficulties and compete with other players around the world.

    Collect different points throughout Tetris-themed levels and take a chance to play bonus rounds.

    Demo version contains only NORMAL difficulty.

    - 60 levels with bonus rounds
    - 55 achievements to unlock
    - 64 rankings (Google Play Services only)
    - 5 types of obstacles
    - Destroyable blocks
    - Player leveling
    - Google Play Services integration
    - Intense music
    - So much FUN!

    Known Issues:
    - Stuttering due to AdMob ads.

    - Points:
    - White Crystal - 10 points
    - Green Crystal - 20 points
    - Red Crystal - 50 points
    - Purple Crystal - 100 points
    - Heart - 30 points
    - Weapon - 35 points

    - Receive bonus points for the fastest time
    - Collect purple crystals to have a chance to play bonus rounds.

    - Red blocks take your life away
    - Yellow blocks shake your screen

    Short controls description:
    - Drag the ball around by touching the screen.
    - Speed up and down with blue triangle buttons

    Unlocked free full version in this demo has the same functionality as paid full version + ads

    If you have any questions or seen a bug send e-mail to

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