Aztec Craft: Ancient Blocky City Building Games




    Crafting a city and building your own Aztec temples! Exploration of an ancient blocky world of rituals and tribal dances. City building games in a blocky world made from cubes that you can mine. Go craft temples and huts, the only limit is your imagination!

    • Exploration of an ancient civilization
    • Crafting and creative building
    • Tribal life simulation games
    • Exotic materials to mine
    • Lots of free craft items to play with
    • Amazing blocky graphics
    • Animal pets to play with

    One of the best historical simulator games! In this crafting history series you're being transported back in time to the peak of the ancient Aztec civilization. The time when new temples were built every year to appease the gods. Aztecs were notoriously known for their rituals performed in these pyramid temples - now you can take part in these celebrations! Dance with the priests and cultists and try to bring fertility to the land and abundant rains for the crops. Crafting of your own tribal dresses and spears might be required.

    This simulator game allows you for full immersion and exploration in the blocky world of creativity. Walk around and admire the tribal people that live their lives in impressive headdresses, watch them perform rituals and sacrifices. Most of them are armed with spears, but they won't attack you - your exploration of this world of Aztec cubes is totally safe.

    There are lots of items that you can craft by hand and place around. Take part in city building games and recreate any kind of ancient buildings you want - any crafting ideas will work for this building work. Mine resources and craft huge structures that will dwarf even the Pyramid of the Sun, the biggest temple in Teotihuacan. Creative mode allows you even for building your own city. How many simulator games will give you that?

    Use your craft powers to the max! Unlock city building design plans so you don't have to craft everything by hand. Just place the plan and fill it with blocky cubes. Craft your own world in just minutes, just mine the required resources!

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