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    Are you ready for exploration lite of block world? Meet wonder zoo animals? Wait no longer as Animals Craft lets you design, craft, mine & build in the world of pet animals!

    Out of a zoo - a story about free animals
    Imagine a block world, where no zoo exists. What would the zoo animals do? Does any zoo animal want to become a pet animal? Of course not - that’s why the Lemur, a true animal hero, decided to build a Pet Ville - an animal city!

    Visit Pet Ville - the zoo animals paradise!
    Pet Ville is a city like no other. You meet almost no human there! Get to know noble citizens like a dog, cat, tiger, horse, little pony, piggy and more! Take a walk with a puppy or kitten to know the city of Pet Ville! Visit a stable, become a friend of a little pony and ride a horse! Go shopping to the pet shop, where you can buy new clothes and dress up like a prince or princess! Visit a fast food or restaurant, eat pizza or burger and enjoy the view from the Pig Tower! Don’t forget to see the mine of King Lemur and His Royale statue - one of the greatest examples of crafting & building arts of these zoo animals! A fun adventure for girls & boys - for family! A zoo story in the world of animals!

    Design, craft & build - in the wonder animals world!
    The block world of Animals Craft welcomes anybody who knows what’s design, crafting & building! It’s not one of these zoo animals games where you’re limited to building a zoo and finding a pet friend. In Animals Craft you can mine resources, design a new building in Pet Ville, and get all crafting & building fun! Exploration lite adventure doesn’t end in the zoo animals city - drive a car, ride a train, sail a blocky boat - explore a farm lands however you want! It’s not a typical farm city game but you can still feel what a farm life is all about. Amazing experience for boys and girls. Craft a block animal world like never before!

    Visit Pet Ville!
    Vast block world - exploration lite without limits.
    Crafting & building in the wonder animals city.
    Drive a car, ride a bike, train, sail on boat.
    Make friends with cute animals.

    In short, Animals Craft provides you with all the best features from zoo building games, zoo animals games, city building games and even more! Jump right into Pet Ville and show your crafting & building skills! Animal farm for kids - exploration & design! DOWNLOAD NOW and start your adventure with pet animals!

    Animals Craft Multiplayer!
    More animals to meet!
    More unique blocks!

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