Gang of Basketball




    [Game Features]
    Being captain, run your team
    Create you own team, design your own uniforms, and your own representative team logo !
    Magical badge system, change the home logo, strengthen the team!

    Collect players, strength your power
    Ho boy, Peter Pan Brian Curry kid ... big star players, Dream Team,
    Recruit a large Star player from the Players' Growth System with the on-going story.

    Train star players, improving skills
    Rebounds, Trey ... always watching for broadcast ball that went into shouting regret it?
    Team player skills to enhance the use of the funds involved in the big coffee "star talent" will star sign!

    Special trick, a strong launch
    Jordan's free throw line dunk, bearded Harden European stage,
    Many well-known players in the trick, the player is automatically triggered after learning, invincible!

    Wonderful story, more than 200 races
    When inserted into the clutches of gang influence professional basketball, you are the guardian of the basketball hall of the brave!
    With advancing the plot points, defeated the evil gang, while challenging professional basketball regular season!

    Online players, the top duel
    Players battle system, sending the basket in the history of the strongest defensive portfolio, strong barriers;
    Dream or organization attacking forces, the running game challenge other players!

    Real-time data, the ultimate pursuit
    Complete data entry rankings, instant updates, ready for a fight to compete with other players!
    All wonderful strike, Dream Team in - Basketball gang!

    Use FB login to get "strong players" to let you win at the beginning!
    Draw Magical Badge Treasure Box every day, come and rein the magical badges now!

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