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    Published: 2014-04-07, by Janel.

    Lure monsters into traps by the power of sneezing

    • Clever and challenging
    • Gorgeous artwork and music
    • Deliciously surreal
    • None

    "Snot happens"

    The only thing monsters love more than bacon is boogers. Lure them to a snotty death by projectile sneezing onto beartraps in Revolutionary Concepts' Gesundheit! Yes: sometimes there are new things under the sun.

    You're a pig with a nasty head cold questing through six bizarre worlds infested by ravenous monsters with a craving for fresh pork. Luckily, they seem to prefer gobbling mucus over piggy dinner, so you've got to get clever about where you sneeze in order to lure them to their doom. It's definitely surreal, a little bit gross, and a lot challenging; 40 levels with increasing complexity will keep your hay fever running strong.

    It's ultra-impressive graphically, reminding me of sprawling illustrations in the best of children's literature. The gameplay's good for all ages, though; even seasoned puzzle-solvers will find it tricky to wrap their noggins around some of the more intricately timed challenges. The music's also catchy as all-get-out.

    Revolutionary Concepts' Gesundheit! is cute as a booger-drenched button.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Apr 07, 2014


    Gesundheit! one of the most acclaimed mobile games of all time arrives on the Google Play Store!
    Originally published by Konami, winner IGN Mobile Puzzle Game of the Year and one of Time Magazines must-have Top 25 Games.

    Note: Gesundheit! contains NO ADS, and NO COINS TO BUY (shocking in todays market we know :)
    This is a premium AAA game. Instead try the first few levels for FREE on us, and only then if you like the game buy it via a one-time purchase that unlocks 40+ levels spread across 6 increasingly challenging bizarre worlds filled with horribly awesome booger-loving monsters!
    * To ensure best performance updating to Android 4.4 recommended.

    Loved by reviewers and with more than 4 million players the world over, Gesundheit! combines extraordinary hand-drawn visuals and animation with infectious gameplay, to create a vibrant and colorful world where cute characters face off against wacky monsters, pigs will fly, and snot happens!?

    * "Gesundheit! is one of the rare games for mobile that I think everyone should play." 9.5/10 Editors Choice (IGN)
    * "The sort of experience that shows off the wonderful things people can create for mobile." 5/5 Stars. Don't miss it. (
    * "Perfectly executed a beautiful surprise, both original and captivating." 9/10 (
    * "4.5/5 a tight, focused and tailor-made experience that I challenge any gamer not to fall in love with. A True Gem. Editors Choice." (TouchGen)
    * "A refreshing game that comes highly recommended to fans of action puzzlers." (
    * "Plays like a bird’s-eye view of Metal Gear Solid. The dark humor and steep difficulty will please grown-ups." (The Daily)
    * "The experience is wrapped in a beautiful, adorable package…most players will be delighted by Gesundheit!" (

    Don't miss your chance to try one of the highest rated adventure puzzle games of all time for FREE!
    GESUNDHEIT! features..

    * 40+ Levels spread across 6 Amazing World Maps.
    * Award-winning Graphics & Animation.
    * Intuitive touch-screen controls requiring no on-screen buttons or virtual D-Pads.
    * Awesome Character Ability Upgrades. Earn Super-Charged Snot power-ups to help you on your quest.
    * Unique achievements to unlock and a worldwide leaderboard to challenge your friends.
    * An original soundtrack that will have you humming along for days.
    * Concept Art Galleries and Cut Scenes
    * Extra new levels to come..

    ‘Gesundheit!’ has been designed to work on most modern Android devices and looks spectacular on both Phones and Tablets!

    For more updates and news on Gesundheit! and other upcoming titles, follow us on twitter @revolutionaryco or visit GesundheitGame on Facebook!

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