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    Published: 2015-09-04, by .

    A MMO featuring the gameplay, characters and hilariousness of Goat Simulator

    • MMO classic features: level up, upgrades, chat...
    • Hilarious
    • Graphics
    • Music
    • No trial version available



    Oh dude, it was meant to happen. After the absurd yet hilarious success of Goat Simulator and Goat Simulator GoatZ, Coffee Stain Studios realized that the goat force is strong in mobile players. So it went a step further. The new installment is a hybrid that merges Goat Simulator gameplay with classic elements of the MMO genre.

    For example, you will be able to choose among 5 different classes: Warrior, Rogue, Hunter, Magician, and Microwave (yes, a microwave with legs because why not) and level them up by completing dozens of quests, absurder and funnier every time. Of course, you can freely roam through a fantastic world with dwarves and elves you can prank and troll at your pleasure. You can expect exciting battles, looting and grinding, open chat and interaction with other real players in real-time, trading, collecting items and hunting animals... and most of the core features of a MMO.


    A great hit of black humor, hilariousness and absurdity. Even the bugs are an amusing part of the game. Contrary to what you may expect, Goat Simulator MMO is graphically decent and full-featured (more than what you'd expect from a saga that was born almost like a prank).


    This kind of games are so good because they easily become viral. The entry price can be dissuading for some users. It'd be great if there was a trial version available.

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    Manu Appszoom logo

    by Manu , Appszoom

    Sep 04, 2015


    Coffee Stain Studios brings next-gen Goat MMO simulation to mobile devices. You no longer have to fantasize about being a simulated goat in a simulated MMO, your dreams have finally come true!

    * Five different classes: Warrior, Rouge, Magician, Hunter and Microwave
    * Complete dozens of quests, level up a hundred times and play five different classes that’s a ton of content you do the math
    * Level cap is 101, 1 level higher than you-know-what
    * There are even elves and dwarves like in that movie
    * Stay a while and listen to Dumblebore the Grey in Twistram

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