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    Published: 2017-07-27, by .

    Form your team, win first place, and upgrade your car

    • Large intuitive buttons
    • Great pixel art visuals and soundtrack
    • Easy to play
    • Requires online connection for single-player play
    • Can't advance unless you pay up

    "Become the champ"


    Everyone has a story. Now, it’s time to tell yours about the time you’ve spent on the race track. In Grand Prix Story 2 for the iOS and Android, you’ll guide a ragtag pit crew team, including the pilot, on their journey to become grand prix champions. You’ll be tasked with managing the ins and outs of your vehicle, as well as training your driver, helping him learn new skills to become the fastest player out there. Then, once you’re on the track, you’ll help your pilot use boosts at just the right time to finish in first place.


    Featuring large intuitive buttons and Kairosoft’s trademark retro pixel art graphics and soundtrack, you’ll find this game quite easy to start playing through.


    Besides the long wait times to upgrade, you’ll need a constant internet connection for mostly offline play. Then, if a strong push to pay for content wasn’t enough, after the first few races and upgrades, you’ll find yourself unable to continue unless you hand over your hard-earned cash to Kairosoft.

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    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Jul 27, 2017


    Sit back and watch your cars break speed records as they race to the checkered flag in this racing team management simulator.

    Pick any type of car you like and get busy designing your perfect machine. Train mechanics to bring out their full potential, and have them build you the fastest cars ever. Don't forget to coach your drivers as well. They need to be as good as the machines they drive.

    Each course has its own peculiarities -- you can't win all the races in the same car! Customize your vehicles with parts suited to each track and you'll breeze through any race. Plus, you can upgrade both your cars and parts.

    There is also a special type of fuel you can use for a super speed boost. Pick the right moment and enjoy seeing your rivals get smaller and smaller in the rear-view mirror as you bolt ahead.

    Create the best crew in the business and make a name for yourself in the racing world.
    * All game progress is stored on your device. Save data cannot be restored after deleting or reinstalling the app.

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