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    Hammurabi, The Game, is our tribute to a classical computer game. The original game (called Hamurabi, due to limitations of the original hardware in the length of names) was the ancestor of strategy and resource management games and was completely text based. The Android version is enhanced with HD graphics and sound effects. Moreover, some additions were introduced to game mechanism to improve longevity. It's also possible to play with the original version initial resources parameters.

    The game's goal is simple. You’re given a kingdom (ancient Babylon in Sumeria) to rule over by managing land and grain resources. In each turn you can buy and sell land for grain, you can allocate grain for your people and use the rest of the grain to plant your land.

    To succeed, you must successfully balance population demands with available crops. You must achieve this task while trying to stave off random occurrences such as the plague, wars, insurrections and the ever-present rat problem.

    Through trial and error you can find the optimal balance. Govern well and receive the accolades of your people. Govern poorly and you'll be responsible for the deaths of many...

    Replay now a vintage game that inspired and influenced later RPG, simulation and turn based games!

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