Heartbleed Doctor




    From bugging citizens to curing them, we present you HEARTBLEED DOCTOR! Performing Faster, Stronger, Smarter and Mightier surgery than any of the doctor or surgeon living on planet android.

    Super Powers come with Super responsibilities. Our Super Human has eliminated all the bad guys from the face of the earth. So now he has decided to put his super powers to good use, by performing super surgery! Never before heard such a doctor story, never before seen such a doctor office and never before witness such a virtual surgery. What this super surgeon do, the other doctors and dentists can only dream about it! Heartbleed Doctor fights against Dragons, Virus, bacterias and he had his own sword to achieve this. Soon Heartbleed Doctor will be favorite among boys, girls, kids, children and adults. So what are you waiting for? Download this FREE addicting game now!

    • Save the lives with Heartbleeding Powers
    • Fix Problems with Super Accuracy
    • Heal the Heart bleeding organs with Super Gel
    • Don't forget to use Super Vision to see what doctors or dentist can't

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