Hero Tower Defense TD (Beta)




    Hero Defense combines tower defense (TD) with classic role play gaming elements (RPG).
    Lead a group of heroes, improve their skills and buy better equipment. Build turrets and keep on enhancing them. Fight back the hordes of evil monsters which are coming from the dark. Get through to the root of all evil and finish this invasion. Are you rise to that challenge?

    Hero Defense is with its tremendous strategic possibilities and its unexpected depth far more than an usual tower defense game. You can only master this tower defense challenge, if you use the skills of your heroes wisely, equip them optimally and improve your towers strategically.

    Hero Defense bribes through heart and character, not through visual effects. Experience an unique draft in the tower defense domain through the skill system, the experience gaining heroes and the modular improvement of the turrets. The combination of all game elements, from the different monster types (e.g. demons which hunt down your heroes and try to incapacitate them or giant spiders which spin your turrets to render them unable to shot), over the levels which should be used for your tactical advance, up to the profound improvement possibilities of the heroes, allows you a compelling gaming experience which forgoes high-level graphics. Pure tension guaranteed.

    Current features of Hero Defense (Tower Defense) TD, Beta 0.9.2, 13.06.2014
    - 34 base skills (44 planed)
    - 62 different weapons (over 75 planned) with different properties (range, damage, magazine size, rate of fire, armor penetration, etc.) in four categories (automatic weapons, handguns, sniper rifles and heavy weapons)
    - 68 Missions
    - 38 different monsters in different categories „Minion“, „Sprinter“, „Healer“, „Tank“, "Assassin", "Stuner" and „Boss“
    - Game complete in German and English
    - Five difficulties
    - Modularized turrets

    Planned features for Hero Defense (Tower Defense) TD
    - Survival mode
    - More weapons, skills, monsters, missions and levels
    - Crates (experience, money, panic reduction, …)
    - New equipment (boots, body armor, …)
    - Weapon improvements (scope, magazine expansions, fast loader, …)
    - Aura skills
    - Gore effects
    - Minimap
    - New textures (high resolution graphics, new turrets, explosions, ...)
    - Sound and sound effects
    - …

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