Hero's Journey




    From the secret development offices of Reten Game studios, an independent game development company located in the basement of a monks' enclave high up in Appalachian mountains, comes "Hero's Journey", an epic tale of love, loss, adventure, puzzles, and combat. Well, mostly puzzles and combat.

    Buckle your boots, strap on your bracers, and get ready for adventure as you bravely explore the vibrant world of Morrowood! Armed with your trusty great sword, your ever reliant long-bow, and your mystically quizzical healing staff you embark on an adventure the memories of which will remain with you for a life time… or until you die. In fact, you're probably going to die.

    Activate the power of your unique items by traversing the terrain types that give them strength: Tap on your character and drag a path over sword tiles and into an enemy to charge up and strike with a mighty melee blow, drag over arrow tiles to attack from afar, or move over health tiles to heal yourself with the power of some bygone deity whose staff you now wield.

    How long can you survive in the harsh wilds of Morrowood? Fight, survive, and drag your finger over myriad hexagon styled tiles in Hero's Journey, the riveting new action puzzler from Reten Game Studios. Just like all the best things in life, this game is free, so sate your curiosity by downloading it, today!

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