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    Treasures of ancient Egypt are buried in the desert for thousands of years, waiting for being found by a real treasure hunter.

    At Treasure hunter Egypt saga, your mission is to recover all the treasures buried in maps and demonstrate throughout this adventure, that the pharaoh is by your side.

    To be the best treasure hunter, you'll need to dig the sand, cut cactus, climb palm trees, explore pyramids, stomp scorpions, break rocks, collect golden scarabs, discover possible buried treasures or even dive into oasis.

    Immerse yourself into the culture of Egypt and recover the treasures of a very important civilization in the history of humanity. You will visit: Karnak, Aswan, Thebes, Amarna, Memphis, Pi-Ramesses, Dahshur, Alexandria, Cairo and Giza.

    The collections of treasures are waiting to be found by you! The treasure madness is here!

    Features of Treasure hunter Egypt saga
    - Travel through the desert and visit some of the most important cities of ancient Egypt: Karnak, Aswan, Thebes, Amarna, Memphis, Pi-Ramesses, Dahshur, Alexandria, Cairo and Giza
    - Enjoy a treasure hunt game with 2D graphics and from an aerial view
    - Use all kinds of tools: a shovel, an Axe, a torch, a peak, a ladder, a boot, a brush, diving kit ...
    - Play games to get collections objects: the golden scarab (press the golden scarab only), stone papyrus scissors (choose between stone, papyrus or scissors), the right choice (choose if it’s lower or higher), ancient memory (typical memory game), or the god’s password (try numbers and guess the right password).
    - Complete all normal and special collections
    - Egypt's music and pharaoh will go with you while traveling

    Dig, excavate... many hours of fun await you in this adventure that will make you the best treasure hunter in history.

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