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    Published: 2016-03-04, by .

    A skateboarding game with fast-paced play

    • Sharp graphics
    • Good audio and sound effects
    • Quick load up times
    • Small text
    • You may need some power
    • No free roam

    "Put On Your Hoodie And Rip The Board"


    Get ready to shred it up on the rails in Hoodrip Skateboarding. You'll hop on your board and try to do as many combos as you can. Beat high scores and increase your accuracy as you customize your character and try different boards. Bring skateboarding into the palm of your hand.


    The graphics are really sharp, bright and well-rendered. The in-game audio and sound effects are also of high quality. Being able to access new challenges and buy new merchandise increases user engagement. Load up times were pretty quick for a file size of this type.


    The text on the screen may be difficult to read. In order to get the full effect, you may need a powerful device. It's all on rails, there is no free roam play.


    by William

    Mar 04, 2016


    No in-app purchases! - Free to play forever.

    So here’s the deal. You live to skate and wanna go pro. You’ve convinced your friend to tag along shooting footage for your video part. The best spots and paths have been scouted for you – All you have to do is nail the run! There are almost 100 different spots you can hit to prove your skills by out-doing yourself… and everyone else while you’re at it. Shred legendary spots and gnarly hidden gems in Brooklyn and San Francisco to establish yourself and win real prizes from our regular competitions. It’s almost as good as getting sponsored.

    • Free to play forever with absolutely no in-app purchases!
    • New challenges with real merchandise prizes every week
    • Regular timed competitions and career mode (with tutorials)
    • Create your own crew and challenge your friends

    Wide range of interesting and fun challenge modes:

    • High score
    • Best combo
    • Best accuracy
    • Fastest run...Etc.

    Hoodrip is a game that delivers unique gameplay and fresh graphics that will keep your addiction fueled for hours!

    Download and WIN!

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