Ice Bucket Challenge 3D




    Ice Bucket Game – A Challenge

    Challenge yourself, and friends with Ice Bucket, you may feel it is crazy. But it is not! As this game of throwing bucket full of ice is a frenzy taking on viral all over social networking and media but for a noble cause. This Ice Bucket Challenge game has changed the whole concept of gaining charity or donations, and people too are joining in large number in this foray.

    And now miracle studios is too taking this concept further in a new avatar and that through your mobile application.

    It is game which will make you run throughout the city collecting the ice bucket full of ice. You will run through the city, collecting the ice bucket but at the same time escaping the heavy traffic that is taking all the nerves out of you.

    You don’t get tired, so for that you have many added power ups like shield power up that’s to cover you from the shield, magnetic power up to energise you like a bat man to escape the heat and traffic blues and many more powers. Above all, you can also enter into god mode to get easy route for easy and fast collections.

    This is more interesting and much more fun filled, the more you join it the more fun you will get, and Why not when you are doing it for such a noble cause.

    The revenue gained from this game will go as a charity to and you can also gain donate to the organisation by going through the link.

    So let us all join for giving smile and relief to the ALS patients.

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