Incredible Robot Car Transform Battle




    This is a real superhero fighting game where incredible battle skills against enemy steel robot will be tested. Survival city is in need of legend robot hero who could save people from enemy invasion. This time it isn’t spider hero but a car robot hero legend having power to transform into car and vice versa. Super car when transform into incredible robot get the amazing power to battle against the steel monster causing destruction in grand survival city. You will be the real robot car transform hero who is going to indulge in ultimate battle against enemies. Drive around in speedy car and transform into incredible super robot whenever you see enemy mech around. The grand city is taken over by the monster robot enemies which are strong. Chase them in your super steel car. To defeat the enemies, you need to use incredible battle skills. The robbery, firing and VIP hostages made by the monster robots are threat to the real survival. Transform your robot into fast moving car whenever you need to reach an emergency spot. Transform back into robot and fight against the steel machines roaming freely. Fight with the incredible super power and destroy rival mech with hard strike of kicks and punches.

    This incredible transform battle will decide who the real legend is. Incredible robot car transform battle is an amazing combination of fast car driving and extreme fighting. Knock out the steel monster once and for all. While performing your rescue duty don’t turn back. Stop robbery, firing, rescue VIP hostages and do whatever it needs to get rid of extreme enemy invasion. This futuristic car robot has been designed such that it can perform best in city warfare. This chaotic car robot war will end once all monster robots are destroyed completely. Save the city in an intense car robot battle and protect it using incredible battle power. Let’s be ready to battle against the fighting opponents. Use your incredible devastating moves and focus on hard strikes. Attack with powerful kicks and punches and defend yourself from counter enemy attack. Rescue the city in this incredible car robot fighting simulator.

    • Hard strikes against steel robot enemies
    • Thrilling car robot transform battle
    • Amazing fighting animation and real combat skills
    • Fast Car Driving, Fighting, Transformation and much more
    • Eye catching 3D graphics and best sound effects



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