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    "...Instantion is the only game like this on IOS, and with its stylized graphics and other mechanics, Instantion stands out as a challenging puzzle platformer worth your time and brain power." - Indie Game Enthusiast

    Control multiple clones simultaneously while solving mind-bending puzzles. Instantion combines dungeon-style puzzle design and trajectory 'sling-shot' aiming with elements like gravity effects, teleportation devices and clone modification.

    Progress through 50 levels with over 120 puzzles, pushing blocks, hitting switches, finding keys, avoiding lasers and more! Solve each level with as little clones possible, in the shortest time to get the best grade!

    Extra difficulties are included for even more challenge!

    **Featured in the Best New Games on the iOS AppStore**

    "Action/puzzle game fans should find themselves busy for a while."
    4.5 / 5 -

    "this is a fun little puzzle platformer, and I recommend it to fans of the genre."
    4.5 / 5 -

    "...accessible, well-thought out, and fun to play."
    4/5 - Touch Arcade

    "Like many of the best teachers, Instantion doesn't tell you the answers"
    4 / 5 -

    "A clever mechanic and rad, retro graphics."
    4 / 5 - Cult of Mac

    "The control runs smoothly and the degree of difficulty entertains beginners, as well as hardcore puzzle fans."
    8.5 - AppZapp

    "Overall, you are getting a polished puzzling experience with a twist..."
    7.3 / 10 -

    8.5 / 10 -

    4 / 5 -

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