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    The goal of this game is to get the highest score possible.

    In this game 5 poker dice are used, which you will throw along different moves.

    To score you must try to accumulate the most dice with the same value at the end of each play.

    On each play you will have 3 dice rolls.

    It is mandatory to make the 3 runs.

    After the first and second throw you can decide to reserve any number of dice.
    This is done by clicking on the dice you want to reserve.

    The dice reserved will not be thrown in the next roll, unless it is being doubled (see below), in which case the 5 dice will be thrown.

    The dice that you reserved tubers can be removed from the reserve in the same way.

    In the empty squares will appear the score you would get to place the play in these boxes.

    Once all the boxes are filled, the game will be over.

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