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    VirtualDrumming app is the version for smartphone of the most popular virtual drum set in the gaming world.

    Adding original and unique features to every other drums app, VirtualDrumming is more than a game, even drummers and the most skilled musicians can use the virtual drums as a real instrument.

 The app has been created and tested by the same team of programmers and drummers who have created the drum games and the drum lessons included in the site, the result is the most realistic drumming experience.

    You can play a complete drum set, double bass drum, double hi-hat, great design and intuitive graphic interface. Drumsticks follow every move of your fingers, drums and cymbals move like real, it seems like you are playing a real drum set, with finger taps or slides you can easily play your grooves and improvise a fantastic drum solo.

    Response times are so good, the sound mix is great, an exclusive and original sound dynamic feature adds accented strokes and more realistic rolls to your drumming. VirtualDrumming is easy to learn - choose your sounds and play - you can create a playlist and play along to your favourite songs in a short while.



• Drum sticks

    • Drums, cymbals and sticks realistic animation
• Fast beats and rolls with touches and finger slides

    • No delay
• Realistic dynamic response with volume and sound dynamics levels
• High quality 16-bit uncompressed drum sounds

    • Double bass drum and double hi-hat for right and left handed people

    • Ride cymbal with bell

    • Realistic open and close hi-hat response

    • Internal access to the music library to create your playlist

    • Choice of 5 different mixable bass drum and snare drum sounds

    • Toms tuning
• Optional auto bass drum with cymbals strokes

    • Easy and intuitive learning

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