Jellyfish Simulator 3D




    Live a life of the fantastic underwater creature – jellyfish! Become really light and unhurried oceanic animal roaming about the deep sea waters and searching for adventures! Spread your gelatinous umbrella-shaped bell and trailing tentacles and dip into the life of a real medusa in Jellyfish Simulator 3D!

    Explore fantastically picturesque views of the ocean itself, watch beautiful aquatic plants and seaweed, create your own lair right in the middle of the reef, search for little fish to feed yourself and try to find your mate to raise a family of magically looking jellyfish! Mind that there are many dangerous creatures at the sea bottom, so be attentive and careful not to be eaten!

    Don’t forget to mind your health, hunger and energy indicators – if one of them drops, you may die immediately! Be wise enough not to run into trouble with different sea predators like orcas, sharks, octopuses and others! ‘Flutter’ in the ocean expanses, find your mate, lead it to your den and create your wonderful family of little medusas in Jellyfish Simulator 3D!

    Earn points for successfully done missions and unlock different colorful skins for your beautiful medusa! Level your characteristics up and become more dexterous, faster and stronger! BE this really amazing creature and enjoy your ocean swimming!

    Jellyfish Simulator 3D features:
    • Ultimate jellyfish survival simulator
    • Wide range of different sea monsters to fight with
    • Interesting missions to perform
    • Colorful skins for your medusa
    • Amazing 3D graphics

    Enjoy the underwater life of a fantastically light and beautiful jellyfish! Watch beautiful surroundings, fight with different sea predators, find your mate and have fun playing Jellyfish Simulator 3D!

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