Jetpack Oppps...




    They say that one man doesn't make an army. Well, if you have a jetpack and a gun - that, actually DOES makes you a one man army.

    In the Jetpack Oppps game, the player will have to go through waves of enemies and obstacles, collecting as many coins as he can. In this endeavor the jetpack, packed with infinite fuel and a weapon will be of help. You can always fly past your enemies, but why? When you can destroy them with a well calculated shot.

    Jetpack Oppps is not the type game where you need to destroy scarce, lazy enemies and just avoid obstacles at ease. We made the game challenging, the gameplay - dynamic, enemies that ain't fooling around - plenty. Levels have been designed with reaction speed in mind, avoid obstacles at all costs. There are also bonuses that give you extra advantages. Download our game put your skills to the test.

    Game features:
    - Several types of enemies and obstacles
    - awesome visuals
    - an atmospheric soundtrack
    - built in player rating system

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