Jumpy Bieber for Beliebers for Android is the new hot game for true Justin Bieber fans that like and know all of his songs and not only , he now ride on huvr or call it Hoverboard. Get into Justin Bieber’s crazy Hollywood world, as this cool new game, that is very addictive, will bring you close to your number one singer. You just need to show him some love and flap with him. This new game designed for kids and for adults as well, is a really fun racing game with great graphics and sounds that you can play with your friends. It’s not a logic game, so you don’t need to think much, you just need to tap the screen and make Jumpy Bieber fly just like a bird. Getting into the Hollywood world, and jumping around with Bieber will make your time pass like no other game. No more boring bus rides and no more boredom in your free time. The game is very addictive and can make you spend a few good hours every day, just flapping Bieber’s skateboard. It is a skill based game based on quick movement of your fingers.

    Be a true fan and show the world what you can do, by making a huge score with the tiny Jumpy Bieber riding his skateboard. You probably know all of his songs and have his albums at home, but I can assure you that you have never played a game like this before. Jumpy Bieber is waiting for you help, so make him fly just like a birdie, reaching out to that number one score. He was, for a big period of time, number one in the charts so if you respect him download Jumpy Bieber for Beliebers and make this version of the game, number one in the Google Play store, as he deserves it. There are a lot of remake versions after the original game out there, some featuring Justin Bieber, but this one is definitely the best one of them, because of the awesome graphics, cool sounds and many other features that will make your gameplay more exciting and smooth.

    Flap your wings, make Jumpy Bieber survive and do not hit the microphones to win new shirts and different trophy’s. Jumpy Bieber for Beliebers is the coolest Hollywood game so far, only because Bieber is the one jumping and doing all the action. Flying around with a smile on his face, Jumpy Bieber is going to become one of your favorite. If you like AppNinjaz apps, then this game is a must, as it will become one of your favorites. Jumpy Bieber for Beliebers needs your attention. As the game is addicting and challenging, do not forget to take breaks between gaming sessions simply because playing it will make you lose track of time. Download it today to test your reflexes and have fun, and don’t forget to rate it, comment it and share it with your friends.

    *Smooth gameplay
    *Great graphics and sounds
    *Share your score with the rest of the world
    *Different clothing items

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    Other versions of the game, COMING SOON:
    -Flying Lady Gaga
    -Flying Miley Cyrus
    -Flying Drizzy Drake

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