Kids Education (Preschool)




    Kids education (Preschool) is an educational yet funny filled app intended for 3-6 year old children and covers wide range of mental skills.
    Kids education (Preschool) will help your child develop his\her oral skills and widen his\her vocabulary in colors, vegetables and fruits, animals, body parts, emotion, and relations. It also focuses on math skills like counting and number recognition.
    The game is divided into 4 sections:
    Animal world: in this section your kid learns the names of the animals and birds, their sounds, and their dwellings
    Basic skills: the child is required to learn colors' names, shapes, body parts and categorization.
    High skills: a whole section dedicated to high oral and sematic skills, matching between objects and their raw materials, and completing the puzzle shape.
    ABC math: deals with number recognition, counting and matching between the number and the quantity that represents it, matching between letters and animals' images, blending colors and more.

    Key features:
    Safe app that contains no 3rd party ads
    Your child can navigate it easily by himself.
    Available in 11 languages including: English, Spanish, French, Arabic Portuguese, German and more.
    Contains 96 puzzles
    Colorful graphic
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    About Forqan Smart Tech.
    Forqan Smart Tech. is a developer of educational and entertaining apps intended to child's benefit. All our apps are made by a group of child specialists and literacy specialists so that all the skills we work on are scientifically proven as good predictors of reading and writing in elementary school.

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