Kids Math Fun: Learn Counting

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    Kids Math Fun: Learn Counting

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    Learning math and counting made easy for kids, is a wonderful collection of math puzzles with Addition, Subtraction, Counting, Comparing, Pattern Recognizing, Number & Object Arrangement, with this fun pro math master game children will learn the basics of the counting techniques and will be familiar with the numeric numbers as well, this is an educational and entertainment game with multiple difficulty levels. You can train your kids, toddlers for pre-school, kindergarten and nursery for calculation learning skills enjoyable.

    Kids Math Fun helps and keep your kids mind sharp and healthy, he can improve arithmetic and arithmetic skills along with focusing and concentration. This new educational app game focuses on mathematics and presents exercises for kids from 2 to 6+ years, they can learn how to count, compare, arrange, add or subtract numbers, study counting from 1,2,3,4,5…. One hundred and discover how to compare large and small numbers. Kids Math Fun & acquiring counting stands out for its variety of math exercises that will help children practice their skills while having some fun. This app game focuses on enhanced learning technique as the dragging action will help your child’s hand-eye co-ordination and number solving puzzles and jigsaws to enhance the knowledge and problem solving skills.

    This way, children can exercise various areas and not get bored of doing the same tasks over and over again.


    • Counting the objects and Click for the correct option from the given numeric.

    • Comparing the numbers by value and drag the correct by sign (<, =, >) to the empty box to match equality.

    • Arranging the object according to the sizes and arrange the numbers in ascending or descending order.

    • Adding to find the sum of the numbers in the given box and pop the object with correct answer.

    • Subtracting to find the difference of the numbers from the given box and pop the object with correct answer. 

    • Patterns recognizing drag the correct object from the available objects to complete the pattern.