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    Hey Moms! Are you finding a perfect blend of learning and endless entertainment for your little bubbly? If yes then make your toddler to read & tell the correct time. Reinforce the knowledge and understanding of your school children to set time in hours, half past & quarter past. Help your kids in setting clock time from a digital clock which matches the time in analog clock in this educational preschool kids time telling – clock game.

    Speed up your children learning process by teaching them the time with extreme entertainment & fun for your Kids. Travel through the three kids rooms of a baby house filled with clocks and find a cheese, locked in a jar for the Titty (The hungry mouse). By telling & setting the correct time on a digital clock you will get a key from a hidden egg to unlock the jar. Titty will eat cheese in the kids kitchen.

    When you think, your child is done with learning the analog clock, then why should not make your child enter in to the digital clock learning stage. So don’t miss this golden opportunity to boost up the intelligence level and maximizing the learning speed of your kindergarten kid. Understanding and reading digital time is now totally uncomplicated with this cool kid’s game.

    Kids Telling Time in Hours
    In this appealing level, your preschool-aged kid learn time in hour. With clear voiceover and eye-catching background with interactive digital and analog clock for kids.

    Kids Telling Time in Half Past
    Now let’s give little bit attention towards learning & telling current time. Make your kid to read time in half past.

    Kids Telling Time in Quarter Past
    Enhance & develop the cognitive skills of your kid with unlimited excitement. Help your preschool toddler to tell the time in quarter past.

    Benefits of Kids Time Telling-Clock Game
    - Your baby, toddler & kindergarten kids will learn how to read a clock & tell time.
    - Your kids will learn the difference between analog & digital clock.
    - Best for kids, three learning stages of clock.
    - Quiz mode, learn the concept of hours, half past & quarter past.
    - Learn the several phases of telling time.
    - Will increase the listening skill of your child
    - Attractive animated cartoon character.
    - Multiple guidance (Hints), time will display in analog clock, written form & with clear voice for the perfect time learning.

    - No. 1 Preschool kid Learning Adventure App
    - Child-Friendly Kindergarten (KG) Game For Toddlers
    - Learn Time With Endless Fun
    - Speed Up Learning & Memorizing Process
    - Perfect & Magical
    - Blend Of Enjoyment & Knowledge
    - Easy Understandable Voice-over
    - Amazing Graphics With Awesome Sound Effects

    How to Play
    - Select the learning level of clock from hours, half & quarter past.
    - Adjust the time in digital clock which matches the time in analog clock.
    - Set the time correctly & get the key from the clock kuku.
    - Unlock the kids jar & help the Titty to get his cheese.
    - Make your kids to read time again & again for the perfect time learning.

    If your children are finished with memorizing and practicing kids preschool education objects like starter English Alphabets, match the letters, alphabetical puzzles, and magical playgroup phonics & counting numbers then switch them towards kids time telling – clock game and start him learn clock time with this kids secular education babygame to make the junior champ.

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