king Monkey runner




    Real Monkey king Run is a cool running and jumping adventure game.
    Monkey king is a brave, agile and lovely monkey, on a beautiful day he went into the jungle to pick up fruits.But the jungle is full of danger,
    Get more powers and fly like a bird through the Mountain View! You will get crazy entertainment in this endless running and jumping game.
    Extremely fun filled journey. Get ready to run and jump with our monkey on a beautiful island.


    - a new runner Monkey king
    - One finger controls
    - Beautiful cartoon & hand drawn like graphics
    - Fun physics based game play (swing a monkey along ropes to get forward)
    - Make your run through various landscapes (temple ruins, waterfalls and jungles)
    - Collect fruits like bananas and chilis to gain more upgrades
    - Unlock special powers such as a jet pack, chili speed boost and eagle ride
    - Cloth your monkey differently (ninja costume, gas mask)
    - Different kinds of ropes (vines, snakes, burning ropes etc.)
    -Simple control just running and jumping monkey
    How to Play :
    Just tap the screen to let the monkey jump.
    -touch screen to control the monkey
    -kill Or avoid the monster
    -collect coins as many as you can
    -run out of the jungle