Kings Cup Cast




    Do you like playing drinking games? Do you own a Chromecast? Do you like seeing BIG cards on an HDTV?

    Boy do I have the app for you!

    Presenting, Kings Cup Cast! Play Kings Cup on glorious HD through your TV and Chromecast!

    You might know this drinking game by other names such as Circle of Death, Kings, Donut, Oval of Fire, Ring of Fire or maybe even soon, Kings Cup Cast? Too soon?

    Well either way, this should keep you and your friends busy huddled in front of your cozy telly drinking the night away! You can add custom cards and call it something like 'SISSY' because your friends are too chicken to man up and drink the King's Cup!
    You can edit preexisting cards in case they're not bold enough for you so for example during waterfall when one person finishes their cup YOU PUNCH THEM IN THE THROAT! Or not, it's really your call.

    Try it out! If you have questions, suggestions or simply want to say how special you are feel free to email

    Now Time to Drink Up!

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