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    Published: 2017-08-29, by .

    Jump, dash, spin, slide and escape the kitchen!

    • Classic style 2D platform game
    • Intuitive controls
    • Challenging levels
    • Cool power-ups
    • A bit heavy

    "Help the potato to escape the kitchen"


    Kitchen Panic is a challenging and classic style 2D platform game that will hook you from the beginning. The aim of the game is to help a cute potato to escape the kitchen as fast as possible. But that's not going to be easy, and it will get harder while you advance through the multiple levels!

    In order to escape you will have to jump over moving obstacles, dash, spin, slide, move objects and enter doors and portals. However, the controls of the game are really intuitive and you will get used to them immediately. You will find 4 direction controls and 2 buttons, and by combining them, you will do any of the actions mentioned before.

    But as we said, this is not going to be easy, because apart from the obstacles you will have to face the different type of monsters that will try to steal your life. Don't let them kill you, jump on the monsters and freeze them!


    Kitchen Panic reminds us the best classic 2D platform games but in a renovated way. Apart from the intuitive controls, cute graphics and addictive stages, you will love the Rocket Potato, Ice Potato and Marine Potato power-ups, that will make you advance faster.


    The app is a bit heavy, but, as long as you download it with Wi-Fi connection, that won't be a big problem!


    by Miquel

    Aug 29, 2017



    Looking for a classic Platformer games?
    Kitchen Panic is the perfect arcade & action game for you!!


    Platformer Gameplay: Kitchen Panic is a nostalgic classic platformer.
    Multiple Levels: Kitchen Panic spans over multiple worlds each with different levels. This way you have lots of hours of gameplay with an up-beat soundtrack and joyful sounds.
    Time or perfect:
    Boss awaits you at the earch last stage! Collect all 10 stews and you get a perfect! Perfect all stages to open the special stage! Can you finish this unsolvable stage?
    Powerup: Reach the goal as fast as possible! Collect powerup items to defeat monsters.
    You can pick power up items within the game but you can also buy it from the shop.
    You can collect and store power up items and use it when you need it.
    Jumping Potato
    With this item, you'll be able to jump again when you're midair.
    Parachute Potato
    With this item, you can press jump while falling midair and you'll fall slowly than usual.
    You'll fall at a normal speed if you're performing spins or backspins.
    Rocket Potato
    With this item, you'll be able to dash way faster than usual.
    Ice Potato
    With this item, you'll be able to walk normally on ice.
    Marine Potato
    With this item, you will be able to swim like you're walking and even jump higher in the water.
    Flying Potato
    With this item, you'll be able to stop midair by pressing jump and move midair by pressing left or right.You'll fall when you don't press the jump button.
    *Your item will take effect until you die.
    *When you use a newer item, the previous effect will be replaced by the newer one you use.
    *The potato icon beside your life will show what item you are equipped with.
    *With power up items, you'll be able to go to places you've never been before.
    *You'll be able to reach the goal faster as well so try out all the items and experiment with it!

    Easy Controls: You can easily control your potato with 4 direction controls and 2 buttons. You can move, dash, jump, slide, spin/backspin, move objects, enter doors & portals as well as reaching higher places with wall jump using spins!!
    Gamepad & keyboard for android available.
    Leaderboard: Connect with your Google account to access the worldwide leaderboard and see how you stack against other players. You can also share your saved data to play the game on multiple devices in sync.
    Monsters and Traps: Every stage in Kitchen Panic is filled with cute but vicious bosses and monsters that you have to defeat. Here are some of them!
    •Candy Popper - This monster will keep popping candy at you to distract you!
    •Flying Cheese - This annoying cheese will keep flying at you! Avoid them at all cost!
    •Crush Floor - This floor can be crushed!
    •Ice Crusher - This ice will get crushed by an ice pick and will burst towards you!
    •Pizza Cutter - It’s a vicious pizza cutter that will keep coming at you to slice you into pieces!

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    Tutorial Streaming(English,Chinese,Japanese):
    Google+ (Let's talk.Community "The Golden Potatos Alliance"):

    We’d love to hear from you so please leave review so that we can improve Kitchen Panic and make it the best platformer/action game!

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