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    Published: 2014-09-08, by .

    Mad swerving and much shooting as a kittycat in a pencil-drawn taxi

    • Felines and automatic weapons
    • Unusual perspective hand-drawn in pencil
    • Boss battles
    • Nothing groundbreaking
    • Gets repetitive quickly

    "Cats! Cars! Guns!"

    Who needs a storyline when you're a cat in a taxi with endless automatic weapons? KittenTaxi is all about making it to the end of the level by blasting cop enemies off the road whilst grabbing as much gold as possible. The visuals are highly unusual; instead of heading away from you like most driving games, this cat's coming straight at you as fast as possible. Swerve left and right to catch coins and dodge enemy attacks. You'll automatically fight baddie cars when you get close, including the semi-truck bosses in each level. Coins can be used to upgrade your ride and weapons, of course.

    The hand-drawn pencil doodle aesthetic is unusual and fun; if goofball graphics do it for you, then KittenTaxi is definitely worth checking out. Other than that, it's a well done yet run-of-the-mill timewaster - which might not be a bad thing, if you're looking for a game to fill such a niche.

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    Sep 08, 2014



    KittenTaxi is a new generation of racing shooter game with a unique animated hand drawn graphics you’ve never seen before! Epic escaping story of bank robbing cats, a reverse view makes gameplay more exciting. CARS, CATS and GUNS! What more needs to be described?


    -Simple & Addictive control !
    -Unique animated hand drawn graphics !
    -Epic escaping story of bank robbing cats !
    -Simply ecstatic and new for those who got stuck at touch to play !
    -Just use your finger tip left and right !
    -Break through the most enjoyable stages shooting out unique enemies and bosses !
    -High-score lists and achivements !
    -The best way to kill time!
    -Awesome BGM & Sound effect!
    -Facebook Connection!


    Need more weapons? Wanna spam more guns?

    # Now you can on/off push notification from the setting

    # No more push notification of "eat this~!"

    # Daily reward(1 gem) has been changed to : Day 1 - 1000 coins/ Day 2 - 1 Gem / Day3 - 2 Gems

    # Now you can equip side weapons to your car (Find @ Pet Shop)

    - Machinegun Left/Right (L: 10000 Coins / R: 39 Gems) Power + / Attack Speed + when you upgrade.
    - Invincible time + (Right: 39 Gems) Time + when you upgrade.
    - Missile Left/Right (L : 40000 Coins / R : 39 Gems) Power + / Attack Speed + when you upgrade.
    - A bag starts with a bomb (40000 Coins) Bomb + when you upgrade.

    # Car price adjusted
    - Black car 10000 Coins -> 29 Gems

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