Korea 1950

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    Recreate the Korean war with this hex/counter wargame.

    A game for wargamers simulating the Korean war in the 1950s. Please try the DEMO app before purchasing.

    This is a full game of the Korea war covering the war from the initial North Korean invasion of South Korea, to the full UN intervention, the landings at Inch'on and invasion of the North, also including the the Chinese intervention, and possible Soviet intervention.

    The game has the following features:

    Accurate order of battle at division level, with some brigades.
    2 players, or you can play solo as either side.
    Nations include North Korea, South Korea, China, USSR, USA, Britain, Turkey, UN.
    Armour, infantry, mechanised, supply.
    Para drops, air attack, naval invasion.
    Save your game to continue later.
    Options for earlier UN intervention (or later!); chance of Chinese intervention; possible Soviet intervention!
    Full help included.

    IMPORTANT: This is a complete re-design of my original Korean War. I am keeping that game as an option, but be aware that this is now the NEW Korean wargame: Korea 1950.

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