Landing on the Moon




    This is a 2D model of the Aquarius probe landing on the lunar surface, followed by takeoff returning the module to the space station Apollo. Great for kids.
    You should safely land LM probe in randomly positioned canyon among mountains.
    Later you should separate probe to return on the orbit to connect with Apollo space station.

    How to play this game. You need to control your angle probe , tilting your device left or right relative to the ground and activating the engine by pressing anywhere on the screen ( excluding certain buttons ) to slow the probe or fly over the mountains. Lead your probe into the canyon , where you have to land at a slow speed ( speed indicator green alarm in the right corner of the screen ) . The next step is to divide the probe module and Returning Module ( Separate button in the middle of the screen). For docking with the station Apollo you activate the engine by touching the screen and controlling the angle of inclination. You must bring the unit on low speed just to the docking port , located at the bottom of the station.
    Good luck.

    Warning! For managing probe this game uses Accelerometer sensors of your device otherwise it does not work on devices without sensors.

    Actually, this is an assignment on Mobile Computing course at Unitec Auckland.

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