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    Landlord War (DouDiZhu) is a kind of poker games which is the most popular poker in China. We spent three years carefully crafted, just to bring you the most intelligent challenge opponent! The game needs 3 players, one is the landlord, and the other two are farmers. Both sides fight, and the victory party is whose member finishes out his or her cards first.
    [Game Rules]
    1. Deal cards
    A shuffled pack of 54 cards is dealt to three players. Each player is dealt 17 cards, with the last three remaining cards placed on the playing desk face down. These three cards cannot be seen before the landlord is determined.

    2. Bid for position of landlord
    All players take turns bidding for the position of landlord. If no one is willing to accept the position, the system once again deals cards and then all players bid for the landlord position, until the landlord is determined.

    3. The first bidder
    Generally speaking, the first bidder is randomly chosen by the system.

    4. Outbid for the landlord position
    A. After a player bids for the landlord position, others have only one chance to “outbid” in sequence for the position. The player becomes the landlord after he or she outbids for the position and others give up.
    B. If no one outbids for the position, the bidding player becomes the landlord.
    C. Each time when a player outbids for the position, the risk stakes double.
    D. Players who gave up bidding for the position cannot outbid for the position either.

    5. Raise the risk stakes
    A. When the landlord is determined and receives the remaining three cards, he or she can opt whether or not to double the risk stakes.
    B. The landlord needs to make a decision within the time limit and then await others to make their decisions within the time limit. Then the landlord begins to play the cards.

    6. Play cards
    The remaining three cards are shown to all players and then given to the landlord. The landlord begins playing cards first and then others play cards in counterclockwise order. Players can opt to pass or beat the prior hand. A game is over when a player has no cards remaining.

    7. Hand types
    Rocket: Colored Joker and black-and-white Joker. Beats everything in the game.
    Bomb: Four cards of the same rank, e.g., 7-7-7-7.
    Solo: Any single card, e.g., Heart 5.
    Pair: Two matching cards of equal rank, e.g., Club 4 and Diamond 4.
    Trio: Three cards of the same rank, e.g., J-J-J.
    Trio+Solo: Three cards of the same rank with a solo or a pair as the kicker, e.g., 3-3-3+6 or 4-4-4+9-9.
    Chain: Five or more consecutively numbered cards, e.g., 4-5-6-7-8 or 7-8-9-10-J-Q-K. 2 and two Jokers are excluded.
    Pairs Chain: Three or more consecutive pairs, e.g., 3-3-4-4-5-5 or 7-7-8-8-9-9-10-10-J-J. 2 and two Jokers are excluded.
    Airplane: Two or more consecutive trios, with the same amount of individual cards or pairs as a kicker, e.g., 4-4-4-5-5-5+7-9 or 3-3-3--4-4-4-5-5-5+7-7-9-9-J-J.
    Four+Dual: Four-of-a-kind with two distinct individual cards or two pairs as a kicker, e.g., 5-5-5-5+3-8 or 4-4-4-4+5-5+7-7. (Note: Not a bomb.)

    8. Hand ranks
    Rocket can beat everything in the game.
    Bomb can beat any other category and individual card except Rocket or another Bomb with a higher or equal rank.
    A player can only beat the prior hand by using the same category but not the others, except Rocket and Bomb.
    Individual cards are ranked. Colored Joker > Black & White Joker > 2 > Ace (A) > King (K) > Queen (Q) > Jack (J) > 10 > 9 > 8 > 7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3. Suits are irrelevant.
    Pairs and Trios are ranked based on card numbers.
    Chains are ranked based on the highest individual card.
    Airplane and Four+Dual are ranked based on Trios and Four-of-a-kind. Kicker is irrelevant.

    9. Win/lose
    A game is over when a player has no cards left. The landlord wins if he or she has no cards left. The peasant team wins if either of the peasants has no cards left.

    10. Modes
    Leisure Mode
    Challenge Mode
    Masters Mode

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    Chong Cheng Lee

    by Chong Cheng Lee

    Feb 15, 2018  |  "Great"

    why are menus almost touching the cards? I do not like that, I accidently throw the card out while choosing the cards.

    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Feb 03, 2018  |  "Great"

    Love the game. If you like landlord war this is probably the best one on Google play. It would be nice to reset your starting balance back to default as well as your record so you can keep track of your performance. Also, it would be nice to have an option to turn off the timer since it's a single player game. I also had a 2048000x multiple but there seems to be a bug and I wasn't rewarded the entire amount. But I love the feel and sound of the game. Great attention to detail. Wouldn't mind purchasing an ad free version as well

    Erick Chew

    by Erick Chew

    Jan 07, 2018  |  "Awesome"

    Would like to purchase an ad-free version if there's one