Learn with Schnuffel Bunny

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    Let your kid learn while playing! A great educational app for preschoolers and first graders. Learning is fun with Schnuffel!

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    Schnuffel Bunny, aka Snuggle, wants to play with you all day long and likes to be fed with delicious snacks. Care about him, explore his cozy cave and decorate his home with colorful decorations - and especially to this version you can learn with Schnuffel.

    Learn the clock
    Basic math (addition and subtraction of single digit numbers)
    Spelling of simple words

    You can choose between two difficulty levels for your learning games as follows:

    Level 1:
    Math: Addition and subtraction up to 9 (single digit numbers)
    Spelling: Basic words (no extra letters)
    Clock: Telling the time (whole hours only)

    Level 2:
    Math: Addition and subtraction up to 20
    Spelling: Basic words (extra letters added)
    Clock: Telling the time (whole hours, halves, quarters)

    By solving exercises kids earn cuddle coins what can be spent on decorations, furniture and many more. Create your very own cozy cave!

    Taking care of Schnuffel will teach your kid responsibility and show the value of efforts invested into learning.

    About Schnuffel Bunny:
    The animated, lovable rabbit made his musical debut as a ring tone only, but within months it became incredibly popular with people of all ages and thereafter he released several full-track singles, albums and audio plays and was awarded with gold and platinum in Germany and Austria. His songs are available in more than 25 countries and 15 languages and his fan base grows more and more every day.

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