Learning Numbers (English, German, Russian)

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    Learning Numbers (English, German, Russian)

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    This is a bundle of 10 educational games which help you teach children to recognize numbers and count from 1 to 10 both forwards and backwards. It also develops attention, and visual and aural memory. The app comes with narration!

    The game supports English, Russian, and German which you can easily select right in the game if you'd like your kids to learn how numbers sound in other languages. The voice-overs have been given by fluent speakers.

    The images in the games are realistic, colorful and easily recognizable.

    Minigames in the bundle:
    - learning numbers (n's are shown and named, and the corresponding number of objects are shown in the background);
    - hidden numbers (need to find all n's on the screen; the game develops attention and helps to memorize n's);
    - determine quantity (the child needs to pick the number matching the quantity of objects on the screen);
    - arrange numbers in correct order;
    - recall n's (development of numerical memory)
    - who had which n's (the kid must recall which animal had which of the n's);
    - find n's in ascending order (direct counting from 1 to 10) or descending order (backward counting from 10 to 1);
    - find n's in a table (aimed at broadening of the field of attention);
    - memory game with n's (developing memory)

    The author of this app is a child psychologist and a teacher specializing in preschool training. She trains cognitive abilities of kids in kindergarten (3-5 years old) and elementary school (1st and 2nd grade, 6-7 year olds).

    Modern electronic devices are a great medium for pedagogical apps and interactive books which can effectively train abilities in young age. We recommend the game for parents and teachers interested in applying these new technologies to teaching.

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