Lift Management - strategy game crash lift

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    Lift Management - strategy game crash lift

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    Lift management is a kind of strategy and simulation game where multiple time lift will crash.The concept is simply new.and interesting.
    Lift management ,strategy management game where as a lift man in a building of a city you have to manage the people placed in lift.It has in total 200 levels.After 10 levels you will find the first changes then in level 20 and so on.People can complains against you and some time they can be give you tips.Target to move the people to the lift who are in queue.You can gain best liftman in a city award if you complete some basic level.

    **********Beside playing you can check help to know the play rules by click the back alarm button in the right top beside 3rd lift.Please read that first then you can understand the process of playing.

    Click on the people to find the floor they want to go and weight of the people.As each lift has specific weight so if more people placed in a single lift that good for you to move on new levels but some where it also difficult for you as each lift has specified weight.If more than that specified weight then lift not moved and it will mark you as a overload.At that case you have to move the people back to stage to reduce the total weight of the lift.It's a free fun making elevator simulator game.Currently have 8 th floor.Will provide 100 floor in next few updates.Unlock the elevator door to get to the next floor.Elevator open close music makes it more interesting.

    Some times elevator or lift's display will be not working.You can call engineer to repair that but for that lift will not stop so that's a minor issue if you want you can resolve by clicking "call the engineer button" in the game.

    Strategy behind that simulation game:

    Try to push and placed people in each lift as much as it supports.As overload is a obstacles so better to place more people in each shot by placing the less weight people in the elevator.Lift can be also damaged after certain movement.So better to push and placed more people in each lift.You can purchase an inverter/generator and other high quality lift for playing without any hazard. But for that you need virtual money which you can get after certain levels you reach or by getting tips from the people.Enjoy playing...

    To complete level upto 5 you have to pilot or call all lift and place the people in lift as early as possible.Drive all lift / call all lift and placed people there.Do not hesitate to repair the lift if that is broken or have major technical problem.Please do not waste(no activity) your time at the time of power cut or low voltage.Placing people in lift will work on these above two modes.For level 5-10 you have to use your strategy.That's the specialty of the game.For level 10-20 and even more you have to use your brain then you have to choose the people who have less weight.Place them first so less people will be in the stage which indicates good.Beside that you have to more careful if some people want to go on the same floor place them in the same lift which will save the return back time of the lift.For more than 20 levels you have to use all these above all strategies plus try to call lift 1 and lift 2 more frequently and try to place those people,floor destination of whom is less/want to go on less floor.It will help you to clear the stage and move on for more levels.Is not that interesting?Game is not broken or impossible.It just depend how clever you are and what strategy you like to choose.

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